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EASYCAR Products
Remote Start & Alarm - E772AS : Car Alarm, Car Security, Remote Car Starters, Car Start Button
- 2-WAY Communication
- Modulation : FM(FSK)
- Carrier Frequency : 433.92MHz
Keyless Entry
Smart Door® : LF Module Technology
Easy Door Lock® : LED digit pad
Auto Folding Side Mirrors®
Door Lock (Arm) / Door Unlock (Disarm) by remote
Trunk Release
Smart Key System®
Panic Mode
Doors, trunk and your hood lid monitor and detection
Start kill, Ignition kill
Shock Sensor
Owner Call / Knock Sensor
Alarm / Security Speaker (Melody)
Passive : Auto Arming
Time to Rearming
Remote Vibration Alert
Start button ; Push button Start and Stop®
Remote Start
Turbo Timer and Engine Protection
Driving Door Lock
Preheat Time (Selectable)
Alternator Engine Sensing
Auto Start by Temperature
(Available in certain geographical regions only)
TFT-LCD Transmitter Technology
Second Car control by one remote
Siren Mute except for Panic, Shock, Theft
Query Function
Valet Mode by key / Remote
Remote Battery Meter
Time Clock
Temperature Display
Key Features & Technologies
Start button ; Push button Start and Stop.  
A Premium Convenience.
Upgrade your driving pleasure with our quality Push Button start and stop system. No need to worry about your key...

Utilizing the brake pedal, Your engine can start or stop with the push of the button. Without the brake pedal, use the accessory mode and have access to your vehicle's many creature comforts.

Just another way Easy Car is adding convenicence to your daily driving pleasure.
For your Safety, security, and peace of mind, EASYCAR's Push Button start and stop system work in conjunction with our latest transmitter technology, Easy Car's alarm system, and our newest technology, industry first, Smart Door LF module. Your vehicle is safe and secure; it will not start until you start it.

Smart Key System  
Exciting advanced technology, allows you to safely and securely leave your vehicle key in your ignition. No longer worry about losing your key, looking for your key, or carrying it with you!
Our high quality OEM finish key knob covers your key; it’s out of sight and out of mind.
For your Safety, security, and peace of mind. Easy Car’s Smart Key system works in conjunction with our latest transmitter technology, Easy Car's security / alarm system, and our newest technology, the Smart Door LF module. Your vehicle is safe and secure; It will not start until you start it.
Just another way Easy Car is redefining your auto convenience.
* In Start button model : Start button works also as a Smart key system, key knob covers are not included for this reason.
Smart Door : LF Module Technology  
Easy Car's Patented and Industry leading LF telematics technology.
An industry first, and the new standard convenience in Security and Remote Start systems.... The patented Smart Door module works in conjunction with our advanced transmitters.

And conveniently / consistently unlocks your vehicle as you approach, and locks as you move away. It is the ultimate transmitter user recognition system available.

No longer fumble for your keys or transmitter
When your hands are full. The Smart Door convenience system functions at 5"(1.5m). Constant and reliable LF communication, unless you turn it off.

When it comes to Security and Remote Start telecommunications, Easy Car sets the standard with leading edge R&D, Technology, and the Industries highest quality products for your experience and long term use.
Easy Door Lock : LED digit pad  
Digital door entry has become popular at the office, and your home. Easy Car has now made it available for your Auto experience.....
Maybe, you have intentionally decided to lock your keys in your car. Whatever your reason, snowmobiling, hiking, biking, accidently, or just can’t be bothered carrying them around, It does not matter.......
Now gain Easy access to your vehicle using your preselected pass code and our Patented Easy Door Lock high output led digit pad, installed on the interior, with exterior windshield access.
Plus, our highest quality High Brightness Led lights act as a crime deterrent, and display our car alert mode. Easy Door lock also acts as a pager, and will signal all of our Hi tech 2way Transmitters.
Easy Door is optional and available for all Easy Car Remote Start and Security Systems. Easy Door paging system operates on two waytransmission only. Ask your dealer for details.
Auto Folding Side Mirrors  
Are you parking your vehicle in tight spots, don’t be afraid of mirror damage with Easy Car's Industry leading technology that automatically folds your mirrors in when you park, and folds them back out when you are ready to drive. Our Side Mirror Auto Fold System works in conjunction with our highly intelligent LF Smart Door Module, monitoring the situation for your vehicles safety. Plus, your Easy Car Security and Alarm system will automatically Arm or Unarm as required.........
Another industry leading technology in your convenience, From Easy Car....
TFT-LCD Transmitter Technology  
Full Color Display, with easy to use scroll down menus for quick and easy function and option changes... The same technology used in Cellular phone display and lap tops

The newest and most advanced Alarm / Security and Remote Start Display ever..... The new Standard, From Easy Car......

TFT Full Color Transmitter display with easy to use scroll down menus.
Exceptional Telecommunications provide for the very best Range and immediate Response time.
Number one in Performance, Reliability, and Customer satisfaction.

EASYCAR is the leader in screen display and performance.Full color high resolution TFT-LCD(702) and OLED(602) displays are the most colorful, brightest, and brilliant displays ever plus easy to use, scroll down menus allow the user to easily change options and functions. The most advanced telecommunication systems promise exceptional range and immediate response on all two way communication.Plus, our two way telematics systems provide the user with easy to use push of a button system checks and status updates, for your vehicles’ safety and your peace of mind.

New 702 TFT-LCD Transmitter / Remote is available in a default Car display, or our new Truck Display. Ask your authorized dealer for Details. The wait is over...... The easiest to use, most intelligent two way Remote ever, From EASYCAR
Panic Mode  
Your safety is of prime concern to us, and our advanced Research and Design Team at EASYCAR. Let our Panic mode become your smart and personal body guard.

Whether you feel threatened or just simply looking for your car in a crowded parking lot, by pressing and holding button “1”, your EASYCAR Alarm siren (or optional speaker) will sound off for 1.5 minutes, plus your vehicles’ lighting system will flash, alerting others of the situation, scaring off undesirables, or simply help you locate your vehicle. Plus, the system will automatically lock your vehicle once you are safe and inside......
  Ask your dealer for details regarding EASYCAR Alarms and other security and safety features available.
Remote Start  
Manage your vehicles’ engine temperature and interior temperature; create your personal and comfortable interior environment. Hot or cold, EASYCAR’s fine range of remote start systems will control your vehicles’ heating or air conditioning systems.

Plus, EASYCAR’s long history and commitment to R&D, and cutting edge 433.92 MHz Telematics technology ensures that your Starter is completely operational at the longest ranges available today. FM communication response time is instantaneous, and remote battery life is the best in the industry.
  EASYCAR’s high quality line of full function Remote Start Systems offer the most functions and features available today. Easy to use pop down menus make for easy changes to such things as your vehicles’ remote run time, easily choose between 15 or 25 minute run times.

Plus, our state of the art Turbo Timer function protects your Diesel Turbo engine from damage and costly repair. Just another way EASYCAR is bringing Auto Safety and vehicle management forward....
Turbo Timer and Engine Protection  
Protect your turbo and diesel engine from damage and costly repair. Let EASYCAR’s software manage the cool down process.

It is no longer necessary to sit and wait while your engine cools, EASYCAR’s Turbo Timer will take care of the situation for you. We recognize that your time and convenience is important.
24 Hour Reserve Run time Mode  
Easy to change options allow the user to utilize a 24 hour clock and establish a run time that is convenient to both you and your life style. Whether you or your transmitter is in range, your vehicle will start and warm when you need it. Plus, it shuts down relative to your preselected run time. For your safety, the 24 hour reserve mode turns off each time you depress your brake pedal.

EASYCAR, the ultimate convenience system.
Doors, trunk and your hood lid monitor and detection  
EASYCAR leads the way in vehicle security

The industry’s highest quality alarm systems, monitor and detects doors, trunk and your hood lid, plus, our high quality adjustable dual stage shock sensor provide unparalleled security for you, and your vehicle.

EASYCAR alarm systems are adaptable to all vehicles, plus work optionally with each of our remote car starter models.
Start kill, Ignition kill  
Offer the same great features as in our standard alarm security package, plus our Starter Kill.
Technology that ensures your vehicle can not be stolen, even if your factory key was to fall into the wrong hands. Your EASYCAR remote is required to access control of your vehicle. Adaptable to all vehicles and EASYCAR’s remote start systems.

The ultimate security and protection package.
Shock Sensor  
Included in all EASYCAR alarm and security systems, easily adjustable sensitivity levels, provide for full and real time vehicle shock sensing monitoring.

Can be easily turned on or off, in the event your pet is left in the vehicle, and ultimate convenience for courier and content security. Shock sensor can be turned off, while your vehicle is armed and protected....
Siren Mute except for Panic, shock, Theft  
Don’t wake up your neighborhoods in the middle of the evening with false alarms, eliminate the shock sensor monitoring with mute mode

Mute the siren / alarm relative to shock sensor monitoring, while leaving other and necessary security functions fully operational, including panic mode, door, hood and trunk monitoring

Query Function  
Current vehicle status

EASYCAR makes it easy for you to check important functions associated with your Starter and Alarm System. With the click of a button, check important functions such as time, Interior temperature,
Communication signal strength, transmitter battery life, and more.
EASYCAR’s auxiliary outputs allow you to control such things as your vehicles windows, sunroof, sliding doors, and stereo. Consult your authorized installer for details.
Owner Call / Knock Sensor  
EASYCAR’s optional knock sensor serves as an easy to use paging system. Knock the sensor pad to alert and page the transmitter. Is of great value when someone is looking for you, and would like to meet you at your vehicle.
Driving Door Lock  
Security and convenience

Your vehicle locks 30 seconds after it is started, and unlocks once the key is turned to the off position.
Preheat Time (Selectable)  
Necessary for diesel engines. Select your required preheat time and let EASYCAR take over.
Valet Mode by Key / Remote  
Useful when having your vehicle serviced, or when turning your vehicle over to valet management.
Turns off all Starter / Security functions excluding doors-lock or unlock
Trunk Release  
Open your trunk lid as required with EASYCAR’s stand alone and separate trunk lid release button. Open your trunk lid without having to leave your vehicle. Useful for active families, couriers and much more.
Alarm / Security Speaker (Melody)  
Differentiate from others, and recognize your vehicles alarm by installing our optional Alarm speaker (melody).

Ask your retailer for details
Second Car control by one remote  
Second car Function is used to operate two vehicles with EASYCAR remote car starter or alarm system with one remote.